About MMBI

The people of Madison Master Builders have been building artful, innovative homes for more than 25 years. We offer general contracting, designdesign/build, and project management services. We love what we do and continue to be inspired and excited by each new project. We'd love to discuss yours.


We are a small company by design, with a team approach. All of our members have been building in the Seattle metro area for decades, and have an excellent network of suppliers, sub-contractors, craftspeople and artists to get a job done right.

Tim Coulter Founder
Tim began laying foundations when he was 15 years old, and has since done virtually every conceivable job on a building site. In addition to paying his dues working for architectural, engineering, and land development firms, he is an accomplished furniture and cabinet maker. Over the years Tim cultivated a passion and intuition for design, and how a living space can enhance, shape, and be shaped by the lives of its inhabitants. He founded MMBI in 1995 so he could explore these connections more deeply. Tim is happiest in those moments of creative flow, when he's synthesizing his client's vision with the elements of good, sustainable design.

Values & Approach

What we create, and how we do it, has a lot to do with how we feel about our work (and ourselves) at the end of the day. Here are the things we think make it all worth doing:

  • Commitment to the vision: Whether we're in the role of designer, builder, or both, our greatest pleasure is in collaborating with our clients and others to help define and realize the vision of their ideal living environment. We engender a committed team with experienced leadership that knows how to bring all the resources, human and material, to bare on each project. It means nurturing and encouraging an collective approach from the design team, building team, artisans and craftspeople. We create a unified team with a shared passion for achieving the project vision. 

  • Local talent: Partnering with local craftspeople and artisans in creating lasting works of beauty and function is one of the highlights of our work. From cabinet makers to painters to metal workers, we seek local talent who is as dedicated to crafting built art as we are.
  • Environmental stewardship: Reducing waste and impact...considering durability and ongoing operational costs...addressing the connection between building materials and human health...these are core personal values that have shaped the way we design and build for more than 25 years. We are at last experiencing a transformation of the building industry and are thrilled to continue to the push the boundaries of sustainable design and building. We have built numerous no/low VOC, passive solar, geothermal, and high recycled/reused material homes. We have been praised for buildings that not only honor the environment, but also endure the aesthetic test of time.
  • Value: Stewardship and frugality are often two sides of the same coin. We are constantly asking ourselves and others, "Can we get what we want for less cost while remaining true to the design vision, and to our values?" That frugal bone - combined with our years of experience and low overhead - mean we can provide our clients with exceptional value. We pride ourselves for finding economical solutions to problems and are dedicated to creating high value in everything we do.
  • Fun: We love working with clients, architects and contractors who understand that building an original home is like any dynamic, creative venture - it can be both exhilirating and exhausting. So it's important that it also be fun!
  • Relationships: We are a small company by design, because we value the personal connections that we develop with our clients, architects, craftspeople and suppliers. We are interested in developing lifelong relationships, which means we have a big stake in the outcome of every project. A recent client described herself as "just tickled" with her remodeled home and with the process of creating it. We want every client to feel that way.
  • Client-centered design: Whether we're the primary designer on a project, or assisting others in refining a design, we believe the best designs are derived from, and nurtured by, the clients' personalities and needs. We take a comprehensive approach to understanding how they want to live within their built space. At the end of the day, our goal is to enhance our clients' lives - day in and day out - by creating a space that nurtures a healthy, fulfilling and productive life.
  • Structured yet flexible: When it comes to selecting a builder, owners and architects care about schedule, budget and solving problems. We have a project development and management system that provides detailed cost analysis and cost tracking. But we also employ a project management style that allows for creative latitude. We want to achieve the best interpretation of the design, and understand that the creative process is a dynamic process, so we don't fight against it. Among our clients and their architects, we're known for excellent communication, constructive problem solving, and flexibility.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your project. Please contact us!