Madison Master Builders
Redmond Cabin
Initially a 1950's homestead built using the trees on site, this home took on many eclectic remodels until 2005, when the current owners decided to expand it for their growing family. A new floor plan and second story added continuity and light, along with another bedroom, second bath, dining room and fun spaces.

An open plan with ample natural lighting illuminate the core of the home with playful light. Small niches with carefully placed windows create areas of refuge that encourage outward perspective.

Nestled lightly over the first floor, the exterior addition melds in with the existing materials as though it had always been there, while the wood skeleton of the building reminds one that they are in a log home. Vertical logs on the new lower story allowed us to lessen the vertical impact and continue the rhythm of the existing building, while expanding the square footage to meet the owners needs. To economize - and to honor the home's evolution - many parts of the structure were left exposed as finish product.